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Car stuff

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King George - Dover (Guitar Cover)

One of my guilty pleasures.....

Insomnium - Down With the Sun Guitar Cover

Covered this amazing song. Sorry for the mistakes.

Raiden Gallantry (Stage 1) Guitar Cover

I loved this tune as a kid! It's from the top down Schmup Raiden and some of its sequels. I found a midi of it online (don't know the author but it's titled ...

Avast Fluttershy's Arse (Guitar Doodle/Cover)

I was bored and felt like noodling over this song because it's so awesome. Arps at the end are pretty sloppy. Original by WoodenToaster ...

ESP Edwards E-HR-135-III Horizon Guitar Review / Overview

Picked this up in Ikebukuro and noticed there's no vids with one in action. Seen a couple on ebay and thought it may help potential buyers to give a sample.

Yuki no Hana rock/metal version (cover)

I redid this j-pop song in a more rock style vibe. I kind of noodled away at the end. My mixing skills are still subpar at best. Sorry. I do not own the rights to the ...

Rentrer en Soi - Torikago no Maria Guitar Cover

Tried covering this song. I like its metal influence. Solo is a little off I think (and the tone is kinda ear piercing during the highs). Suggestions are welcome and ...

Original song Guitar Improvisation

Wrote this for a collaboration project; person I was working with did not like it so I figured I'll just jam over it.

Character Flaws & Lies - Original Song

This song is being brought back from the archives because it is so fun to play. It was written for the old band I was in back in the early 00's. It used to have lyrics ...

Original Melodic Metal Song

Wrote this as a theme song for my friend (yeah, corny I know) hence the short length.

9th Autocross run at Metlife Stadium on 10-1-11

I'm driving my friends 2012 Mustang GT; needless to say.... I have A LOT of room to improve.

Sentenced - Neverlasting Bass Cover

I am horrible at bass so I played this relatively easy song. I used a crappy guitar amp because I don't have a bass amp hence the crap tone.

"Need to learn to mix" - Original song

This one could've came out better; been sitting around unfinished since March 2012.

Old song Piano arrangement

Did a piano version of an old rock song I wrote back in 2006. My piano technique is teribad.

Sonic the Hedgehog Sat AM Theme "Fastest Thing Alive" (Cover)

Covered this for a friend. I'm NOT a singer at all so excuse the lackluster vocals. Image is from ...

Jamming on the vocal lines to an old song

Just playing the vocal lines to this song on guitar. I did not write the vocal lines; only the instrumental. Still fun to play though.

Sad Piano Improvisation (Crappy)

My friend just lost a family member so I recorded this to cheer him up. Too bad I'm awful with the keyboard.

Pop Rock Song (Original) turned 8-bitish

I turned this song that was originally a Pop Rock Alternative bit into an 8-bit mix out of sheer boredum.

Bader Field NJ 10.16.2011 Final Run AutoX

My last run at Bader Field in my 91 S13. I think I took out the last cone ha.

Original Industrial / Techno Song Thing

Trying my hand at Industrial music; with mixed results.

8.7.2016 bader field run 4 58.955

battle at the bay 1989 S13 Sr20det stock turbo 13.5 psi RE71R.

8.7.2016 bader field run 6 57.298

battle at the bay 1989 S13 Sr20det stock turbo 13.5 psi RE71R.

Bader Field 5.13.2012 SCAA Autox Heat 2 Run 3

Screwed up in the middle..... 91 240sx sr20det blacktop.