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ESP Edwards E-HR-135-III Horizon Guitar Review / Overview

Picked this up in Ikebukuro and noticed there's no vids with one in action. Seen a couple on ebay and thought it may help potential buyers to give a sample.

King George - Dover (Guitar Cover)

One of my guilty pleasures.....


Raiden Gallantry (Stage 1) Guitar Cover

I loved this tune as a kid! It's from the top down Schmup Raiden and some of its sequels. I found a midi of it online (don't know the author but it's titled ...

Yuki no Hana rock/metal version (cover)

I redid this j-pop song in a more rock style vibe. I kind of noodled away at the end. My mixing skills are still subpar at best. Sorry. I do not own the rights to the ...

Sonic the Hedgehog Sat AM Theme "Fastest Thing Alive" (Cover)

Covered this for a friend. I'm NOT a singer at all so excuse the lackluster vocals. Image is from ...

Sentenced - Neverlasting Bass Cover

I am horrible at bass so I played this relatively easy song. I used a crappy guitar amp because I don't have a bass amp hence the crap tone.

Rentrer en Soi - Torikago no Maria Guitar Cover

Tried covering this song. I like its metal influence. Solo is a little off I think (and the tone is kinda ear piercing during the highs). Suggestions are welcome and ...

Avast Fluttershy's Arse (Guitar Doodle/Cover)

I was bored and felt like noodling over this song because it's so awesome. Arps at the end are pretty sloppy. Original by WoodenToaster ...

"Chocobis Taste Good" - Original Rock Song (Kinda Poppy)

Song that was written last year in March; never wrote any vocal lines and never recorded. Couldn't come up with a real title so I just looked through old images ...

Original song Guitar Improvisation

Wrote this for a collaboration project; person I was working with did not like it so I figured I'll just jam over it.

Original Melodic Metal Song

Wrote this as a theme song for my friend (yeah, corny I know) hence the short length.

9th Autocross run at Metlife Stadium on 10-1-11

I'm driving my friends 2012 Mustang GT; needless to say.... I have A LOT of room to improve.

Insomnium - Down With the Sun Guitar Cover

Covered this amazing song. Sorry for the mistakes.

Character Flaws & Lies - Original Song

This song is being brought back from the archives because it is so fun to play. It was written for the old band I was in back in the early 00's. It used to have lyrics ...

Original Songs

"Need to learn to mix" - Original song

This one could've came out better; been sitting around unfinished since March 2012.

Jamming on the vocal lines to an old song

Just playing the vocal lines to this song on guitar. I did not write the vocal lines; only the instrumental. Still fun to play though.

Music Covers

Lazy Guitar Improv

Just some improv over a backing track (with some sloppiness) because I've been too busy to write real songs.

Sad Piano Improvisation (Crappy)

My friend just lost a family member so I recorded this to cheer him up. Too bad I'm awful with the keyboard.

Pop Rock Song (Original) turned 8-bitish

I turned this song that was originally a Pop Rock Alternative bit into an 8-bit mix out of sheer boredum.

Bader Field NJ 10.16.2011 Final Run AutoX

My last run at Bader Field in my 91 S13. I think I took out the last cone ha.

Original Industrial / Techno Song Thing

Trying my hand at Industrial music; with mixed results.

Car stuff

10.22.2011 Meadowlands AutoX Final Run

Final run at Metlife stadium in my s13 on 10.22.2011.

Metalish song (original) 8 bit mix

I did an improv bit (mainly just the solo) over this in a previous video. I remixed it using game synth sounds.

8.7.2016 bader field run 6 57.298

battle at the bay 1989 S13 Sr20det stock turbo 13.5 psi RE71R.

Bader Field 5.13.2012 SCAA Autox Heat 2 Run 4

My last run of the day 91 Nissan 240sx sr20det blacktop.

Old song Piano arrangement

Did a piano version of an old rock song I wrote back in 2006. My piano technique is teribad.

Bader Field 5.13.2012 SCAA Autox Heat 2 Run 2

Did a burnout at the start........ 91 240sx sr20det blacktop.

Bader Field 5.13.2012 SCAA Autox Heat 2 Run 3

Screwed up in the middle..... 91 240sx sr20det blacktop.

Bader Field 5.13.2012 SCAA Autox Heat 2 Run 1

Was doing okay in the beginning but screwed up at the crossover; took it easy after that. 91 240sx SR20det blacktop.

Character Flaws & Lies (original) 8 bit version

I did the real version on one of my other videos. Here is an old-school video game inspired remix.