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C1R Vremja pokazhet/Время покажет

RT In Question with Anya Parampil

RT The Plot to Scapegoat Russia 2017

RT Sophie Shevardnadze

C1R Vremja pokazhet/Время покажет 2019

RT Sophie 2017

RT Sophie Shevardnadze

DR Sophie Shevardnadze

RT Sophie/Софико Шеварднадзе


DR Russia Insight 2017/2019

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DR Lady Gaga

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TeleSur Chris Hedges Days of Revolt

Empire Files First Episode

TeleSur English Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges

Democracy Now Chris Hedges

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Russia 60M Show Spy/Phone Call

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Democracy Now BHO

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RT America

Thom Hartmann/Alyona Show/NK II

Democracy Now

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The Voice Russia

Democracy Now

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ICYMI Polly Boiko

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