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August 31, 2019

Doc Sab maintaining THUNDERJET ROADSTER, DIABOLICAL PURPLE and a 39 Hot Rod at his shop.

August 6, 2019

Doc Sab's THUNDERJET ROADSTER after a nice night out.

Doc Sab’s 1978 Eldorado Biarritz.

A stunning, mostly all original Cadillac. Moonroof, CB, 8 track, cold AC. Even the clock works. Like a comfortable fast couch. 2 family owned. Just turned 59k ...


Doc Sab's THUNDERJET ROADSTER In full length.

Doc Sab’s 1978 Eldorado Biarritz

For sale: 90+% original. One family owned. I'm second owner. Like a fast highway couch. Even the clock keeps perfect time. A rare and super pleasing color ...

1959 Cadillac ...desert car’s last ride

This 1959 Cadillac flat top Sedan Deville sat in the desert for 50 years in Tujunga California. Doc Sab and his team brought this car back to life to live on... in ...

August 24, 2018

Resurrected desert Cadillac. Rear light testing of 1959 Cadillac.

August 24, 2018

Light tests on resurrected 1959 Cadillac Patina car.

August 24, 2018

1959 Cadillac heat and AC check on resurrected desert car.

1959 Cadillac by Doc Sab.. back from the grave.

Alive and well after an outdoor 50 year desert nap.

1959 Cadillac Flat top Sedan Deville... alive after 50 years sitting in a desert backyard

This is a successful ride ...for the first time! It worked to serve me now! We took this dead car, and brought it to life in my shop. Everything was rebuilt except the ...

July 8, 2018

Atlanta has its own POMONA SWAP MEET every month. Here we drive around in a classic patina Ford truck as everyone is leaving. However, in the AM, it's a ...

July 8, 2018

Doc Sab's GARAGE MAHAL. See where Doc builds and restores and presents his cars.

Ace Ventura style delivery by FedEx to my home.

FedEx delivery to my home almost as bad as the opening scene of Ace Ventura. Caught by my security system.

1993 - 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham dash pad removal.

How to easily remove your 93-96 Cadillac Fleetwood dash pad.

Doc Sab breaking his squat endurance record 35 years later! 225lbs x 56 reps.

I did it! Two weeks ago I smashed my previous squat attempt by 8 reps to get to 42 reps. My legs were so sore and back so stiff that I didn't squat for two full ...

Doc Sab pushing the limit

When I was 18, I was in Ironman Magazine for squatting 225 x 55 reps. Now at 53 and a few weeks back to squatting ( never stopped training) I am up to 34 reps ...

Doc Sab presents an RV to a homeless man part 2

Doc Sab presented this camper to Gordon Hill on behalf of all those that helped by contributing. See video one to follow in sequence.

Doc Sab presents an RV to a homeless man.

On behalf of 45 people, I presented an RV to Gordon Hill. Gordon lost his car for a ticket. The car was worth less than the summons amount. He now had no ...

MAC DADDY WIRE WHEELS ....Doc Sab talks about their quality

Doc Sab describes the quality of a Mac Daddy hand made wire wheel for your classic car! Check them out at or ...

Doc Sab's 1938 Chevy Hot Rod

All the hot rod goodies of the 40's and 50's... but with a 700r4 trans..disc brakes.. A/C, power windows and door locks... and a whole lot more... possibly for sale.

1938 Chevy driving up the street from a bystanders perspective.

Doc Sab's 1938 Chevy Business Coupe driving up the street with a friend behind the wheel.. who is NOT familiar with it. Still, nice to see it from a bystanders ...

38 driving on Riverside drive to Bob's

This is how smooth the 38 runs.

38 Chevy Hotrod all opened up

Doc Sab's 38 Chevy Hotrod Business Coupe.


Doc Sab's 38 Chevy Business Coupe Hotrod.

Interior of 1938 Chevy Business Coupe Hotrod

Doc Sab's 38 Chevy Business Coupe.

Doc Sab's 1938 Chevrolet hotrod business coupe

My 1938 Chevy Business Coupe Hotrod.

Doc Sab's favorite Christmas song played on his 1954 Seeburg Jukebox

LITTLE DRUMMER BOX.. played from a vintage Seeburg Jukebox.

THE BATCAVE of Hollywood fame!

Here is a complete walk through of the actual BATCAVE from the campy Batman TV series filmed in Hollywood California.


THIS 1937 DODGE D5 BUSINESS COUPE is an incredible car. It looks great and runs better. It has been my everyday daily driver for months. EVERYTHING ...

CHEM TRAILS on a SUNNY day over North Hollywood California 11/9/11

On a perfectly sunny day.... not a cloud in the sky... Several planes were flying overhead in a non landing, non take off pattern high above North Hollywood ...

Doc Sab on the Whipnotic TV show

Doc Sab has a segment on the TV show called Whipnotic. This runs regularly.


1969 corvette with factory side pipes and a big block 427 motor with 390 horse power and a 4 speed trans. This car has Black plates.. and is for sale at 47500.

64 blowing flames

Doc Sab's 1964 MAC DADDY CADDY blowing flames.


The Baddest Custom Classic Cadillac Limo on Earth... or anywhere.... Blowing fire on the street.

Doc Sab of The "SKYSCRAPERS" Introduces The Cadillac Bad Boy

This Video is a short highlighting Christopher "DOC SAB" Sabatino and website. If You Love Cadillacs and classic cars with fins.... you'll ...

Doc Sab 's 1963 Ford Thunderbird Roadster

This is a HOT video of Doc Sab's AMAZING 1963 Ford Thunderbird Roadster. It was produced by ZILLIS MEDIA.

Doc Sab

Doc Sab... the man that started the Hollywood "Cadillac Cool" Craze that has taken over the Nation. Doc Sab was part of a Cadillac focus group years ago.. and ...