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DJI Mavic Pro - Early Morning Chill FPV

Took out the DJI Mavic Pro in the early morning for some fpv chill time. Music: 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' by Oasis. 'Dancing On My Own' (Tiësto Remix) by ...

DJI Mavic Pro-my first weekend fpv

California sun came out this weekend and so did my Mavic. Video clips from this weekend. This is not pretty 4k cinematic footage, I like the fpv experience ...

F550 FPV Baylands Rc Park field run

Run the F550 out in the field to see how fast it will go in light winds. The most this day was 19mt/s, or 42MPH.

Zenmuse H3 3D retaining pin glitch fix

The Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal is excellent. I just don't understand why the factory installs retaining pins that interfere with the gimbal's movement.

Hexacopter F550 FPV-GoPro and Zenmuse H3-3D

DJI F55o FPV when Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal has reset problems. Friend/Engineer found bent lower control arm. Re-aligned arm now going back out to re-try a ...

Compare FPV and Gimbal footage from quadcopter filght

DJI 450 FPV flight with 2 GoPro cameras. 1. GoPro Hero 3 Siler-FPV. 2. GoPro Hero 3 Black-HD video capture. HWC Eagle Eye 2-axis GoPro brushless motor ...

Santa Cruz crosswalk skateboarder hit on red light

Skateboarder hit in crosswalk on red entering intersection too soon.

Santa Cruz Surf Museum and Lighthouse Point - DJI450 GoPro

Aerial view of the Santa Cruz Surf Museum and Lighthouse Point. Quadcopter flying about the point on October 8, 2013. DJI 450 with fatshark fpv and new ...

The Lost Boys (1987)-revisit film locations.

We took a trip to Santa Cruz in order to visit filming locations we could find. On our list was the Boardwalk, grandpas house, and the comic book store.

DJI Phantom parted to a DJI F450

The Phantom has been disassembled and parted to a F450. The controller, motors, batteries, Naza board and antenna have been transferred over. But the ...

DJI Phantom damage assessed after water crash

I returned to the only real west coast dealer shop (located in San Jose, California) where I purchased my Phantom. I watched as Paul and Edgar of Century ...

DJI Phantom fly-away and GoPro camera recovered from lake after 46 days

Today I found the Phantom after the lake dropped about 6 or 8 feet since last month. The Phantom actually lights up with a fresh battery, but I doubt it's able to ...

DJI Phantom FPV with Fatshark Predator v2 test on jello dampening

I did 2 things: 1. I placed 'moon gel', and the necessary longer screws, between the Gopro mount and the DJI Phantom's underbody. 2. I balanced my props ...

DJI Phantom FPV with Fatshark Predator v2

More FPV practice with the quadcopter in windy conditions. After watching these clips, I re-balanced the props. 3 were out of balance again. Hoping for a calm ...

DJI Phantom with Fatshark Predator setup

VIDEO: First FPV Google, owner of YouTube, chooses the worst thumbnails for non-partners. I made this short ...

DJI Phantom with Fatshark FPV

Though the winds were gusting, I took out my phantom out anyway and tested the Fatshark Predator system for the first time. Flying a r/c quadcopter through fpv ...

DJI Phantom first flights and prop balance result

The DJI Phantom is fun to fly. The ability to record flight video is a great tool. But, only after the props are balanced. That wavy jello was prevalent in the first ...

Use of Force Simulator

Rob Dick brings a hi-tech and revolutionary use of force simulator to his training facility in Roseville, CA. Training includes 'shoot/don't shoot' scenarios, taser ...

temp view

Video collection of KSB hittin spots in Sacramento including Meadowview light rail, Convention Center, Lurk Hard Plummer's Crossing, Franklin Flat Bar, ...

Mikey Cook (SM_Mike) as we remember

See original soundtrack video at Michel Cook was born in Redding, California. He died last Sunday while riding his motorcycle in ...

Bail Education Association

Bail Education Association opens its new training facility. Rob Dick established Bail Education Association in Sacramento and now expands his training facility ...

Luis Diaz for Embassador Skateboards-intro

14 year old Luis Diaz for Embassador Skateboards.

Sony NX5U with Fisheye lens by 16x9 inc.

Video and stills from the Sony NX5U video camera with an attached "fisheye" lens manufactured by 16x9 Inc.

KSB Aug 13 2011 throwaways

Throwaway clips from August 13 at Florin Mall, 47th Light Rail Station, Franklin Blvd., and Land Park Skate park (not yet open to public).

Last Saturday's throwaway

KSB throwaway clips from more 'street spot locations'.

Mare Island Naval Shipyard revisited

Mare Island, once a bustling naval shipyard, now in severe decay. This visit we scout around for additional ideas and reclaim last years lost footage. Mare Island ...

Central Valley Am Jam-Ceres

Bunch'a clips from camera 1 only thrown together.

Ducky roughcut weekend upload

roughcut video uploaded for June 25 weekend viewing/editing.

Undergrads with... "Unstoppable"

(song preview) - "Unstoppable" by Sacramento's own 'Undergrads'. Spiffy, Zayy and Savvy was on stage at Epic Skatepark in Rocklin on May 21, 2011 for the ...


Rough Cut** the final edit is in on the official "FreeFlowTour" Video channel on YouTube and on the website). The 2011 Gatorade Free Flow Tour ...

Arizona 11

off road scenery while riding.


clips from Epic.

Epic Skatepark - Keep Skatin Bro

mix of tricks from Keep Skatin Bro's event at epic skatepark in Rocklin. there were so many tricks goin down that many were off camera.

Epic Skatepark

Brent, Dylan, Jordan and Lane help Kevin get to know the park before comp filming Saturday.

Sacramento Skateboarding New Years Eve to "Holy" by Matt Gilman and Cory Asbury

MUSIC: "Holy" by Matt Gilman and Cory Asbury. There's nothing like hearing this sung live by Matt Gilman. It was truly captivating at "The Call" in Sacramento.

Vacaville Skatepark

The Vacaville skatepark does not allow bikes. That was not good news to the parents who took their kids to the park on Sunday in hopes their kids could ride in a ...