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Runcam FPV DVR

Runcam FPV DVR, Runcam Sparrow on a Phoenix 1600 with F35 Furious FC.


Sunnysky 2205, 2500kv, purple, with problem!


inav F4 from HAPPYMODEL fc defective

Inav F4 doesn't start. All presets made, everything was good on the computer, but when I"m plugging the battery it won't start.The second fc in the garbage ...


3D printing

Dynam Hawksky V2 1380mm quality issues

The worst FPV plane this year from BG. It was the last one in stock and this might be the problem. Other way, if all are like mine, it`s mean that this plane is a ...

Firefly micro cam failure at 2nd charge

Firefly disappoint me again and for the last time, this time with the Micro. Used it for one day, very excited and pleased about quality image and size, and....., ...

AKK FX2 ultimate, no issues for 1.4km and a vertical landing

AKK Fx2 ultimate, RunCam Sparrow WDR, Sky Surfer, F2S. AKK it is truly one of the best on the 5.8mhz market right now. Forget about Trump, Furious etc.

Quit smoking

Fireflay micro action cam in ACTION

Testing the firefly micro action cam with 1080p.I think It looks ok for a tiny cam recorder at this class. The price was just 20eu.

Video Tutorial


Ft Explorer

Li ion bat


Fpv antennas


3dr telemetry 433mhz broke after three times using

I just made yesterday my first mission flight and today morning, when I wanted to do the compass calibration the module won't working.


RTW ISO FPV aileron signal problem

Beside finding GCS and mobile app for this FC, for mission planer, is too difficult, another problem occur: aileron signal's dead. So: NO recommended!


2017 0903 133722 019

booster problems.

Twin boom

eachine racer 130

Nice music

Comedie românească


Rap music

Twin motors

Filme romanesti

SQ8 FPV made

Cut the USB cable and connect the wire to a pilot. For more info leave message.

SQ8 in the air

SQ8 cam, nice and cheep, quite OK for FPV. Just cut the wires and connect with any pilot. SQ8 OSD:

APM 2.6


SimonK flashing

WLtoys Q303 battery issues solved!

I tried to find another way to keep this beast more in the air, cause the battery pack provided is not so good and the spear is to expensive. Even the monitor ...


Firefly Q6 on Walrus

Green Monday in Cyprus with Nonna, Walrus and Firefly Q6 in the neighborhood!


FPV explain


Our spoiled cat playing with her shadow!!!

MATEGO XP1 150 Degree FOV Car DVR Maximum

Nice device, good quality video, satisfactory audio.


Cyclop storm OSD