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3 Steaks in Japan - From Cheap to Expensive

3 options of eating steak in Japan - cheap, moderate and expensive.

$114 Saga Wagyu Beef Lunch - Gourmet Teppanyaki FUKUOKA JAPAN

Teppanyaki preparation of prestigious Saga Beef, together with vegetables and fried rice. Served with appetizers and desert -

Egg Fried Rice in Japan - 3 different Styles/Chefs

Teppanyaki cooking of egg fried rice in Fukuoka and Kagoshima, Southern Japan -

Seafood Fried Rice - Japanese Style

Teppanyaki style preparation of seafood fried rice in Takamatsu - Japan.

Olive Wagyu in Japan - The rarest Steak in the World

Olive Sanuki Wagyu, exclusively raised in Kagawa prefecture is fed on the remains of pressed olives - It's considered the rarest beef in the world. If you try hard ...

Ramen in Japan - 4 different Styles/Chefs

4 to 5 different Ramen places in Fukuoka, Southern Japan -

$124 Steak Lunch in Tokyo - Teppanyaki in Japan

Misono was the first Teppanyaki restaurant in the world, it opened in 1945 in Kobe, this is the Tokyo Ginza branch. The microphone fails in this restaurant, ...

Hachinohe - Japan's Biggest Morning Market

Tatehana Wharf Sunday Morning Market at 5am - located in the harbour of Hachinohe - a town in Aomori, Northern Japan -

Japanese Street Food - Taiyaki, Pancakes, Snacks, Dumplings, Grilled Fish...

Tatehana Wharf Morning Market is Japans biggest morning market, it's open from 5am to 9am. Arriving at 5am the market is already filled with people. Video ...

$191 Lunch in Tokyo GOURMET TEPPANYAKI Wagyu, Abalone, Prawn and Fried Rice

High-end lunch in Central Tokyo (Akasaka), seafood, meat, and various smaller dishes, the restaurant is fully integrated into a park with lake.

Fried Rice in Tokyo - 4 different Styles/Chefs

Fried rice prepared in various restaurants in Tokyo by different Japanese Teppanyaki chefs -

Street Food in Tokyo JAPAN - fresh, flattened Shrimp, Egg Omelette and grilled Wagyu

Some Street Foods at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan -

Miyazaki Wagyu in Tokyo - Teppanyaki in Japan

Miyazaki Wagyu Tenderloin Steak (Chateaubriand) prepared in a Teppanyaki restaurant in Tokyo - Tenderloin being one the leanest cuts for a higher degree of ...

Tokyo - Pancake Japanese Style, Garlic Fried Rice, Teppanyaki Ice Cream

Cozy teppanyaki place in Ginza (Tokyo): Japanese style pancake with vegetables, beef and special seafood, Asahi Super Dry (beer) and as dessert Teppan Ice ...

Irish grass-fed Hereford Steak vs. Australian grain-fed Angus Steak

Two premium steaks: A modest looking Irish grass-fed, dry-aged Hereford Ribeye runs against a slightly heavier, prettily marbled Australian wet-aged, grain-fed ...

Dry-aged Argentine Steak vs. Wet-aged Argentine Steak

A wet-aged Argentinian Ribeye steak (in red) is competing against a dry-aged Argentinian Ribeye steak (brown). Both steaks are from grass-fed, free range ...

A simple Egg Bacon Steak - Step by Step

Spanish Rubia Gallega Ribeye Steak (old cow, grass-fed) prepared with egg and bacon in a perhaps rather simple manner -

The Perfect Garlic Prawn - Step by Step

Italian (red) and New Caledonian (blue) prawn, defrosted for 8 hours - debatably, the most flavorful part of the prawn is the head, a mix of muscle meat and brain, ...

Argentine Chateaubriand Steak au Blueberí vs. Wooden Knife

Argentine Black Angus Chateaubriand steak with a classical Blueberry sauce. The doneness of the prepared steaks varies from medium to well done. However ...

The 3-hour Steak - slow cooked Argentine Steak & German Steak

German Simmentaler Ribeye and Argentine Black Angus Tenderloin beef being slow cooked for 3 hours -

Bistecca alla Fiorentina - Steakhouse in Italy

Steak cutting and grilling in Florence. Chianina beef being low in fat - lean - can be eaten rare or even blue rare. The weight of the prepared steak is 1.5 kg -

Street Food in Italy - Florence

Various street foods at longstanding food joint "Da Nerbone", opened in 1872 in Central Market in Florence, Italy.

Street Food in Italy - Schiacciata in Florence

Busy Saturday night at a street food joint - All'antico Vinaio - in Florence, Italy - 1 hour before closing many people are still hoping to get a Schiacciata filled ...

BEST 4 Steaks in the World - 2019

Tested steaks: Scottish Aberdeen Angus, English Beef, Kobe Beef, American Porterhouse Steak, New Zealand Wagyu, German Wagyu, Japanese Omi Wagyu, ...

Steak Vladimir - A presidential, rare Steak

A traditional Steak Vladimir requires a high-quality beef cut: grass-fed Argentinian beef tenderloin steak, center cut. It's served with seafood and vegetables, kefir ...

Elk Steak with Blackberry Sauce

Elk meat, naturally low in fat, goes well with a simple yet magnificent blackberry sauce, consisting of fresh blackberries, red wine, fresh thyme and honey.

Rare Galician Steak - Chuletón

Old cow in-bone steak from Northern Spain, grilled on wood fire and charcoal -

Gambero Rosso - The most expensive prawns in the world

Sicilian red prawns, the shellfish of choice for Italian gourmets - Wild caught in the Mediterranean Sea.

Uruguayan Steak vs. French Le Thiers Steak Knife

Gras-fed Angus beef from Uruguay vs. the most aesthetically pleasing steak knife there is: Le Thiers. Test result: I would use it for a steak dish served on a plate ...

Crete - Ancient Olive Grove - Walk

2 or 3 olive trees in this grove have been producing olives for more than a thousand years.

Food in Rome ITALY - Busy Pizzeria

As the Steakhouse with some pretty Bistecche said "No" to a video, I went straight to this Pizzeria -

Food in Italy

Bistecca alla Fiorentina - The oldest Steak in the history of Mankind

Chianina beef: appreciated 2500 years ago by Etruscans and ancient Romans - This video without music:

Food in Rome - Wood Fired Pizza - Italy

Passing by at some Pizzerias in Rome (Trastevere). This place made me go back and film it.

The Art of Cooking a Well-Done Steak

Uruguay Ribeye Steak, prepared "well-done", cooking time 20 to 25 minutes, starting out with medium low heat, and finishing it with high heat to built a ...

Ancient Portuguese Food: TEMPURA Shrimp Fritters

Introduced by Portuguese traders, Camarão frito arrived to Japan in the 16th century - the forefather of what later became Tempura, the universally know ...

$220 Kobe Beef Lunch - Kyoto - Teppanyaki in Japan

Luxury lunch in Kyoto, Japan's old capital, including shrimp, vegetables, Kobe beef, fried garlic rice, miso soup, vanilla ice, cake and coffee -

Shrimp - Japanese Style - Kyoto

Japanese Shrimp prepared Teppanyaki Style in a restaurant in Kyoto - Japan.

Chipotle-花椒-Steak -- Mexican-Chinese

Rubia Gallega Steak from Spain, prepared with Chipotle and 花椒 (Huajiao - Sichuan Pepper). The smoked Jalapeño chili (Chipotle) adds spiciness, Sichuan ...

Austrian Steak - Dry-Aged Simmentaler Beef

Simmentaler bone-in steak, dry-aged for 49 days, grown in the Austrian Alps -

German Street Food - 19th century - recreated

German: Kuttelsuppe, Polish: Flaki, Bulgarian: Schkembe tschorba, Romanian: Ciorbă de burtă - there are local varieties of this soup in several European ...

Spanish Morucha Steak vs. French Le Creuset Pan

Dry aged, in-bone Ribeye steak (Côte de Boeuf) of Spanish Morucha beef cooked in a high-end enameled cast iron skillet from France -

Iga Beef Amiyaki - Gourmet Food in Japan

BBQ of highest quality Wagyu Beef (A5) in a traditional restaurant in Iga - Japan.

Steak Donald - a presidential, well done Steak

A traditional Steak Donald requires a high-quality beef cut, Irish Ribeye Steak or such, grass-fed and dry aged. Cooking time: 10 to 15 minutes depending on the ...

The Perfect THICK Steak

1.6 kg (3.5 lb) Spanish Ribeye Steak reverse seared over charcoal until around 50°C / 122°F internal steak temperature is reached. Using a traditional grill, the ...

Wagyu Steak - Deep Fried in Cast-Iron

Bone-in Wagyu Sirloin Steak, grass-fed, from New Zealand - deep fried in vegetable oil. This cooking method turns a high quality Wagyu steak into a deliciously ...

$201 Steak & Seafood Lunch - Chiba JAPAN Teppanyaki

A5 Wagyu, fish, foie gras, and prawn lunch in Chiba, neighboring city of Tokyo.

Egg Fried Rice - CHIBA Japan

Teppanyaki lunch in Chiba, neighboring city of Tokyo - Japan.